Our beers
Our beers


Classic, pale gold, turbid, crisp beer with a long-lasting cap of foam. The aroma of a strong hit of a banana and clove, in the background appears a lemon motif and cereal notes. The taste is crisp, acidic, medium-meaty. Beer heavily saturated with natural yeast sludge increases the feeling of substance.

It fits best with fresh salads and roasted or fried fish.

Extract 12%, alcohol 5%


Amber Ale with pepper

Dark amber top fermentation beer. You can smell delicate maltiness with caramel accents and characteristic peppery. Middle gentian, medium-high fullness, the taste of pink pepper is also present. Low saturation.

It fits American dishes and pork and beef meat.

Extract 13%, alcohol 5.5%.


Polish ALE

Gold top-fermented beer combining the characteristics of malt and hops. The aroma of biscuit and sponge cake is complemented with a herbal, slightly spicy aroma of hops. In taste, hop-likeness compensates with maltiness. Full, medium-saturated beer.

Fits knuckle and heavy meats, also for hamburgers.

12% extract, 5% alcohol

Our beers

The photographs made by our brewer Tomasz Szczukiewicz