Piwnica Rajców – a place where you can find good beer for ages.

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Our history dates back to the second half of the 14th century, when thanks to the joint activities of the Brotherhood of Saint. George and wealthy Gdańsk merchants, the Artus Court was created – the most renowned merchant house and the highest class salon companion. For almost 100 years, the basements of the Artus Court have provided the richest and most powerful wines, honey and liquors.

In 1476, a tragic fire consumed part of the Cellars, stopping their activities for over 5 years. However, the destruction brought a change – after re-opening the warehouses in the Artus Court, the best Gdańsk beer, still aging in Piwnice, began to appear.

A great event in the life of powerful merchants and city councilors was the year 1651 when the most-beautiful coastal wines (Retskeller) was opened in Piwnice, and a direct passage from the Main City Hall of Gdańsk to the spacious Artus Court salons was opened at Długi Targ 44. The feasts lasting for weeks the merchants and masters of Gdańsk were fed with the best liquors and Gdańsk beer delivered from the court cellars.


Tragic for the Artus Court and its richly filled Basement proved to be March 1945, when among the armed maneuvers of World War II, a significant part of the buildings and underground warehouses were destroyed. The reconstruction of the once vibrant historic buildings lasted until the 1980s.

For centuries, the basements of the Artus Courts served as a sort of gray eminence of grand feasts held for many weeks in the Court. Feasts at which many transactions were made, current political issues were discussed or important guests were taken.
That is why today, together with you, our guests, we want to create a common story of the Rally of Cats. The history of locating under the Artus Court, in the very center of the Gdańsk Old Town. A story about next generations sitting in the Piwnice beaming freshly brewed beer directly from the vats.