Menu Restaurant

For main dishes, fish and salads
a pint of 0.5l beer for 2 zlotys


Fresh cream cheese pasta, camembert and brie cheese, sweet pepper, seasoned with cumin, served with pretzel
17 zł

Salad with ham, cheese, pickle, red onion and vinegar, served with rye bread
16 zł

Nuremberg style sausages, served with fried cabbage, mustard, horseradish and rye bread

6 pieces 25 zł pieces 31 zł 10 pieces 38 zł 12 pieces 45 zł

Bavarian white sausage with sweet mustard and pretzel
2 pieces – 17 zł


Soup of the day
16 zł

 Beef broth with beef strudel and vegetables
19 zł

Bavarian soup Potato cream with bacon and onion
18 zł

Pasta // vegetarian dishes

Egg noodles with ruby cheese, cream and roasted onions
21 zł

Penne pasta with parmesan shavings, cherry tomatoes and herb pesto
22 zł

Wheat dumpling with mushroom sauce and fresh parsley
23 zł


Grilled veal liver salad with tomato, cucumber, apples caramelized with honey, almonds and honey-mustard vinaigrette
34 zł

Grilled goat cheese salad with pear, caramelised fig, walnuts, grapes and cranberry dressing
36 zł

Main dishes

Bavarian roasted pork with potato dumplings, fried cabbage and sauce
31 zł

Beer roasted knuckle with mashed potato with peas, fried cabbage and meat sauce
42 zł

Half duck served with gratin potatoes, red cabbage and cranberry sauce
58 zł

Baked liver pate with fried egg, served with Bavarian potato salad, pickles, red onion and chive
26 zł

Cordon bleu served with fried potatoes with bacon, onion and string beans
34 zł

Pork schnitzel with fried egg, fried potatoes with bacon and onion, and salad with vinaigrette
42 zł


Zander fillet with black lentils, string beans, peas, grilled lemon and crab sauce
49 zł

Baked trout with herb butter, baked potatoes and blanching vegetables
38 zł


Omelette with raisins, apple mousse and cranberry – recommended for 2 people
18 zł

Bavarian cream with raspberry sauce and whipped cream
16 zł

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce
20 zł