Piwnica Rajców is a place in which will find numerous attractions that will make your visit more enjoyable or become an unforgettable highlight of your party.

➔ BeerWall

You top up your card choosing a desired amount and pour as much beer as you want and whichever beer you want 🙂

➔ Brewery tour

Our brewmasters can take care of a unique atmosphere of every partyby telling you how we brew our beer and showing you a little something of the process.

➔ Live music on weekends from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

we play for you on weekendsto make your evening more enjoyable and relaxing, but if you would like to have live music at your party, we can make it happen too.

➔ Dine in the Dark

it is about playing with the senses and the convention. Darkness sharpens the senses and affects perception. Simple actions, such as using cutlery, become difficult. Well-known tastes become mysterious and have an unusual charm. Moreover, the menu is a surprise. Your task is to use your experience to solve the mystery on your plates. Regardless of the outcomes of this investigation, you will findout for yourselves that the world of tastes has a lot to offer... Are you ready to play aninnocent game with your own perception?