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Pale yellow, cloudy, drinkable, light wheat beer. The addition of orange peel and coriander makes it incredibly aromatic and ensures maximum freshness. In the glass, we find relief on hot days, the perfect beer for summer☺ A must-have for lovers of beers with lower alcohol content and low bitterness. Sparkling, medium-bodied with a sour finish.

Extract 12%, alcohol 4.0%


Classic at its best! Golden color, creamy-white foam and very good clarity encourage you to try it. In the aroma, strong malt accents are mixed with the floral and spicy profile of the hops used. The taste is similar – the maltiness and graininess are balanced with the noble herbal bitterness of hops.
12% extract, 5% alcohol

American Wheat

Light yellow, medium-bodied wheat-based beer with the addition of new wave varieties of American hops. The slightly creamy texture
derived from wheat and a solid dose of hops bringing fruity freshness make the beer extremely drinkable!
Extract 11%, alcohol 4,5%


Polish brewing treasure, black gold – these are terms that best reflect the importance of this beer. Strong, rich, complex and long-maturing dark lager. It is characterized by aromas such as: chocolate, dark bread, pumpernickel, dried fruit, plums, raisins, cherries, caramel and toffee. The taste is similarly based on dried fruits such as cherries and plums, which are complemented with noble alcohol. Full, dense and smooth on the tongue. Dessert tasting beer.
Extract 20%, alcohol 7.5%

Polish Ale

Golden, crisp, highly drinkable beer, which is another tribute to Polish hops. The aroma has a noticeable motif of pineapple and peaches. The fruity hoppy flavor remains on the palate for a long time. Dry beer, medium saturated, very drinkable. To brew this beer, an experimental variety of Zula hops from the Polish Hops!
Extract 12%, alcohol 5%

Vienna Lager

Amber, clear, classical lager. One’s character owes the beer mainly to the malt base. In the aroma and the taste we will find grilled, toast aftertastes, gently bread, until pleasant stroking nuts. Low, but unusually vintage hop bitters are contradicting the malt complexity. Fresh, delicate on average savour out.
Extract 12%, alcohol 5%

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