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Wheat Beer

Classic, dark gold, cloudy, crisp beer with a long cap of foam. The aroma features a strong touch of banana and clove, in the background there is a lemon motif and notes of grain. The taste is crisp, acidic, medium-full. Mediu saturated beer with a natural yeast sediment that increases the feeling of body.

Extract 12%, alcohol 5%

Extract 11%, Alcohol 4%


Classic at its best! Golden color, creamy-white foam and very good clarity encourage you to try it. In the aroma, strong malt accents are mixed with the floral and spicy profile of the hops used. The taste is similar – the maltiness and graininess are balanced with the noble herbal bitterness of hops.
12% extract, 5% alcohol

English Best Bitter

The English have a King, live on an island and drive on the left. Everything is different than with us. It’s exactly the same with this beer! Low-saturation, copper-golden beer of top fermentation, with fine-bubble, creamy foam. The aroma and taste are very noticeable: from malt – toastiness, nuttyness and biscuits, from hops- earthiness and herbality, from yeast estersin the type ofred apple and blueberries. A bit of a lot going on forsuch a light beer, don’t you think? ;]

Extract 11%, Alcohol 4.0%


Polish brewing treasure, black gold – these are terms that best reflect the importance of this beer. Strong, rich, complex and long-maturing dark lager. It is characterized by aromas such as: chocolate, dark bread, pumpernickel, dried fruit, plums, raisins, cherries, caramel and toffee. The taste is similarly based on dried fruits such as cherries and plums, which are complemented with noble alcohol. Full, dense and smooth on the tongue. Dessert tasting beer.
Extract 20%, alcohol 7.5%

American Wheat

It’s getting colder and darker outside and the weather isn’t cooperating. Still, we invite you to the barbecue! Our smoked bock sausage will remind you of a delicious, crispy grilled sausage with its aroma and taste! This classic lager is a marriage of dark bread, hop bitterness and wonderfully delicate beech smoked meat. Ruby red, medium-bodied, very drinkable, with a dry finish.

Extract 16%, Alcohol 6.5%


Bright, crisp, bottom-fermented beer with a rustic,refreshing taste, which is ourinterpretation of the Bavarian Helles. The best quality Pils malt takes usto the land of cereal,sponge-cake and pure maltiness. Beautiful beerlike an idyllic village on an August harvest afternoon. 🙂 Low bitterness, extreme drinkability!

Extract 12%, alcohol 5%

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