Welcome to Piwnica Rajców

Restaurant Brewery

W samym sercu Gdańska

In the very heart of Gdansk, in the cellar of the Artus Court, you will find beer brewed on site,which was appreciated in the prestigious Polish Craft Beer Competition, Polish cuisine, which goes perfectly with beer, and dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. We have our own butcher’s, whereas Paweł Klemienko, our chef, takes care of the quality of products andserved dishes.


34,000 litres of beer can be stored in our tanks. We want you to remember the taste of
our beer for a long time after your visit, which is why we are so passionate about and
committed to every brew. Since we started brewing beer, Łukasz Mila, our Head
Brewmaster, has created 24 beer styles and intends to continue… Our beers include
American Wheat, Pils and Polish Ale, which were appreciated in Polish Craft Beer
Competition, the most important beer contest in Poland. Our beers were also appreciated by
the British website Life Spectator

Room (history)

Our history dates back to the second half of the 14th century, when cooperation between Fraternity of St. George and wealthy Gdansk merchants led to the establishment of the Artus Court, the finest salon of the highest class. For almost 100 years, the cellar of the Artus Court provided councillors and rich men with the best wine, mead and other drinks.
In 1476, dramatic fire destroyed a part of the cellar, thus forcing it to shut down for over 5 years. But the destruction brought about changes. When the store room of the Artus Court reopened, it started providing the best Gdansk beer, which had previously waited in the cellar.
An important event in the lives of wealthy merchants and city councillors was the year 1651, when a sales point of the best seaside wines (Ratskeller) was opened in the cellar and a direct passage was built from the Gdansk Main Town Hall to the parlour of the Artus Court, at Długi Targ 44. Week-long feasts and celebrations organized by merchants and Gdansk officials were flowing with the best drink and Gdansk beer supplied by the court cellar. Over the centuries, the cellar of the Artus Court was the grey eminence behind festive celebrations organized at the Court, which sometimes continued for several weeks. These feasts were always an opportunity to make deals, discuss current political affairs or welcome important guests.
This is why today we want you, our Guests, to be involved in making the history of Piwnica Rajców. The history of operating under the Artus Court, in the very heart of Gdansk Old Town. The history which will be recounted by the next generations sitting in the Cellar and enjoying freshly brewed beer straight from the vats.